Quite early engineer Norbert Heiler has exerted himself

for high-class standards for blow-pff silencers.  Checked welders to EN 287-1 were always natural. Here 25 years of experience of the company founder and his employees took effect in the high pressure-pipe line construction.

Qualified engineer Norbert Heiler has helped in the production of the VGB directive 506 (production and construction supervision of silencers) and was a member in the working group "Pressure security systems" of the FDBR. Today ISO is worked after modern high-class management according to EN 29002 / in 9002. Quality assurance plans (QIP) are a component of the manufacturing package and test package.

The cooperation partners own the approval with the production and check of receivers after AD leaflet HP0 as well as the „big sweat proof“ after German Institute for Standardization 18800 part 7 and German Institute for Standardization 4133.

Procedure check to EN 288-1 owns the cooperation partners for the sweat procedures WIG, E hand, unterpowder – welding and MAY for all current kettle construction steels and high-grade steels till the highly alloyed area.

Ausblaseschalldämpfer underly in the EU the pressure device directive 97 / 23 / EG (PED).

The planning, calculation and manufacturing occurs after the AD leaflets. Construction check occurs through the safety standards authority, Lloyd's register, Stoomwezen and other organisations.

All non destructive and destroying check is carried out on site.


Safety standards authority expert and assistant carrying out 

a welding check by means of ultrasound