Starting from advisory service of the planning engineer in charge
of the project engineering phase, sound interpretation, engineering
of silencers, pressure reducers,  conduit systems and support constructions, up to quality assurance plans and production - beginning in the metal up to the ready for use mounted silencer attached and final decrease measurement, the Egineering Office
Heiler GmbH offers one-stop solutions. Future-oriented and
innovative special and reasonable solutions are developed for
every requirement case.


A safety concept which is a nonpareil in its class: Graduated engineer Norbert Heiler was consulted
by the planning engeneers of the safety conception  of the exhaust steam systems of the high temperature reactor THTR in Hamm-Schmehausen. On this occasion, new paths concerning
material application and quality assurance have been forged, which nowadays influence a whole product group.


Thus the Ing. office makes an active contribution to the solution of the noise problems
becoming more and more urgently of our energy supply companies and industrial arrangements.