Blow-off pipes of valves belong to the most intensive noise springs in power stations. If A steam or gas stream steps after a security, Reducing and control valve about a management outside, a tumultuous zone studies behind the escape. The ray mixes with the surrounding, quiescent air. Beside the pressure pushes and Verwirbelungen within the armatures this is the cause of the noise origin.

To reach low cross sections of the Ausblaseleitungen, the pressure should be chosen before the silencer as high as allowed (with boiler safety valves 15-20% of the Ansprechdruckes). The pressure dismantling in critical relaxation steps as well as direction and speed changes convert the sound energy into warmth. The appearing reaction forces are compensated by radial arranged drillings.

Heiler silencers distinguish themselves particularly by robustness, low weight and service-freeness. Condensate and rainwater is led back about internal drainages in the Ausblaseleitung. (Please, pay attention to a flawless drainage in the deepest point behind the valve.) We offer also separate case drainages if requested.

The silencers are protected ray-derusted and with next highly heat-resistant Ethyl zinc silicate coating against corrosion. The deck coating occurs with silicone aluminium.

With higher sound standards, as they are today the rule, an absorption step is connected at the outlet side to the expansion part. For reasons of the corrosion resistance and wear firmness this exists of an high-grade steel-wire-cloth. This steel-wire-cloth is flowed through by the laxative medium and thus the sound energy is converted by friction in warmth and is absorbed. The arrangement occurs either radial or as a package in the escape opening.

If requested scenery silencers are also produced for systems without pressure